1. You could dramatically grow your customer contacts, increase your gross profits, improve your database and not add a single new employee.

2. A live agent provided a continuous consistent and professional message to your customers with the flexibility to collect emails, correct addresses, set appointments and confirm appointments….all for the same cost as direct mail.

3. You could meet or exceed all of your factory CSI requirements, provide a cutting edge reporting tool to better manage your customer relations and stay in touch with your customers the way you’ve always felt you should.

4. You could do all of this with no set-up fees, no contracts and you could cancel anytime you chose with no penalty.

What If?

3. We then train our specialists on your solution and generally within 2 weeks we can begin making and/or receiving calls on your behalf.

1. In the first step of the process, we come to your dealership and audit your current call procedures and capabilities.  This is a complimentary visit and we will provide you with a written report of the call volumes and call types.  There is no obligation on your part - it is just a fact finding mission.

2. The next step is to meet with the dealership management team and design your unique solution.  What types of incoming calls do you want handled?  Do you want Sales and Service outgoing calls?  Do you have specific scripts you want followed etc…..

How Does It Work?   3 Easy Steps

They're YOUR customers   Lets keep them that way


Low Hanging Fruit, LLC has an affordable way of keeping in touch with your customers.  It is an offsite solution that uses cutting edge technology and specialized training to give you a complete customer retention   answer.   Fortune 500 companies realized that freeing up resources to concentrate on their core  business made sense. Microsoft is not in the Call Center business.  They want to sell more software... like you want to sell more Cars




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