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   The ultimate service Appointment process

Incoming calls

Does this sound familiar?  Your customer calls in at 4 pm to book an appointment but the drive is jammed and the advisors and clerks are busy so your customer waits on hold for 5 minutes.  When the call is finally picked up the customer’s name is jotted down somewhere and the time of the appointment is noted and it is off their desk...until the customer arrives.  What if your service appointment process looked like this:

            Incoming call for appointment


· Calls answered within 2 rings

· Entered into appointment screens confirming accuracy of customer information

· Confirm or gather Email address

· Fill in all user-defined fields

· Correct use of the 3 C’s

· Up-Sell customers

· “Instant” Manager alert regarding “hot” customers

· Email confirmation of appointment date and time


            Appointment Confirmation


· Phone appointment confirmation 2 days prior to appointment

· Email appointment confirmation at that time as well


            Re-Contact No-Show Customers


· Phone and Email all “No-Show” customers to re-set appointments


            CSI Follow-up


· Phone service customers one day after pickup to ensure satisfaction with service

· Email CSI alerts daily

· Email weekly CSI reports in customized format


            And…..for that truly competitive edge


· 24/7/365 Service

· Live agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

· Unmatched customer service...customers call at “their” convenience, not ours

· Contact link from your website to have our agent call your customer in real time




And...for that truly

competitive edge,

LIVE agents are available

24 hours a day

7 days a week

365 days of the year


This level of service is absolutely essential if you want to retain your customers today.   Could you provide this level of service in-house?  Would you feel confident given all the uncontrollable factors like turnover, sickness, training, phone overload etc….and would it be economical to do so?  The answer is probably no.  With the large economies of scale we enjoy, this level of service can be achieved. 

It is done professionally, consistently, quickly and can grow as needed.

Flexible and Economical