Total Personnel expenses include:

· Wages

· Overtime

· Health Benefits

· Payroll Taxes

· Workers Compensation

· Sick Days

· Vacations

· Pre-employment screening

· Unemployment Insurance

· Holiday Pay  





They're YOUR customers   Lets keep them that way

Outsourcing is not just for the biggest companies any more.  Technology has leveled the playing field and made even the smallest companies able to act like their giant cousins.   Ward’s Dealer Business wrote:




“Auto dealers are increasingly outsourcing functions such as customer relationship management, loan processing, collection and new-customer acquisition and retention.  That's because outsourcing frees the dealer to focus their resources and management on their core business - SELLING!” 








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The outsourcing story

What is the real cost of keeping everything in-house versus outsourcing? It’s easy to concentrate on the wages and lose sight of all the other costs and benefits when doing this comparison.

There are plenty of obvious and not so obvious costs.


Some less obvious costs include:

· Computer Hardware

· Computer Software

· Management costs

· Employee Liability issues

· Help Wanted ads

· Theft

· Toner

· Paper

· Re-training (Turnover)

· Furniture

· Office space (possibly rent)

· Parking Spaces


“Outsourcing can provide a product or level of service impossible to duplicate economically in the dealership”





This is a comprehensive, but not necessarily complete list of costs associated with keeping a business process, such as a call center, inside your dealership.


The outsourcing option is actually more flexible and responsive.  



A few of the advantages of outsourcing are:


· Predictable and transparent cost.  A regular monthly bill. 

· Economies of Scale.  Rapid response to changing needs and volume.

· Free up dealer to specialize in core areas driving more gross to the bottom line.

· Outsourcing can provide a product or level of service impossible to duplicate economically in the dealership.

· Cutting edge technology and the ability to stay current with no additional investment in people or equipment.

· Trained professionals provide a consistent message with superior, measurable performance at a cost below current dealer levels.


“Do More, More Often for Less”


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